My Autobiography : My Memoir

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My Memoir
I remember myself sitting near a little block with letters and my mother teaching me the name of each of them. She starts to sing me a song to help me to memorize the alphabet. It is so funny singing the ABC song. At that instant, the door opens, and my father enters the room. That is the first thing carved in my memory, and each time when I think about it, I conclude that we are the best family in the world.
Starting from my first days of life, my parents did everything to please me; additionally, they always tried to do their best to develop my literacy skills and help me to become smarter. I always loved learning and each time when they made up some game or a new interaction, it was great fun to play. I had no idea that learning could be challenging because each task that they offered was easy to accomplish and absolutely doable for me. I grew up knowing that there was no process more exciting than learning. Besides, at the back of my mind, I was convinced that every new thing I learned was changing me for better. When I became a schoolboy, my parents were pleased whenever my grades were excellent. I wanted them to feel pleased and happy all the time. At the beginning, I strived to get an A to deserve some reward; for instance, getting some ice cream seemed to be a sufficient motivation for me to learn a long text or do loads of assignments. However, later on, I started getting delighted just because when I managed to learn something new, my knowledge made me…

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