My Autobiography Of An Immigrant

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I was born in Hidalgo, Texas, just five minutes across the Mexican border to my mother, Reyna Garcia and my father, Juan Duenez Ezquivel. By the time I was born, I had two older sisters, Marilyn and Cinthia Duenez which were extremely jealous of me, since I was the youngest sibling. My parents didn't own any properties here, therefore as soon as my mom and I were released, we immediately traveled to my home town, Reynosa, Tamaulipas. I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood where helping others was really important to one
My mother and father have always been hard working people, my mom would sell used clothing and my dad was a truck driver, he was always out of town and missed many special events due to his job. Even though they would work almost the entire day,
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My mother has always had major health issues, going in and out of hospitals all the time, but she wouldn't go down without a fight, and luckily, we still have her here with us. Any mother would want the best for her children, so one day my mom dropped everything in Reynosa and decided to move here, to the United States, in order to give us more opportunities and a real chance to succeed. Therefore, my parents have taught me to be the responsible, strong, and hard working person I am today.
I grew up in a small town, where everyone knew, and helped each other when times were rough. People there were humble, we even had this saying when it comes to food, "It is better to have more rather that to be missing." Although we were not a rich family, my mom would take time to give food to the homeless, on a
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