My Autobiography Of Earth

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Autobiography of Earth Nature’s beauty is a work of art. Its compelling nature is being destroyed day after day by humankind. We need to learn to protect what we take for granted every day and what’s left of our earth. Although, our earth is continuously losing its picturesque beauty it is no longer full of lush grass, crystal clear oceans, and an abundance of animals. However, my connection towards the earth is powerful because I wish to cherish its beauty, live in faith that the earth will remain, and to remember the connections I made with the earth. Earth will not destroy itself but, humankind will. Thus, making the ending of humankind and nature inevitable unless we take actions now. Naturally, we are expected to preserve earth’s beauty and its ability to help humankind survive. Personally, it troubles me that our own species will not take the time to secure our future generations with the natural resources we are given every day. Our earth provides us with water, oxygen, food, and so much more but instead we have chosen to slowly destroy it by oil leakage, littering causing climate change, and wars amongst one another. To my family, the earth is precious to everything that we do. However, we are not models of what it means to fully take part in taking care of the environment. We only recycle bags and plastic, have minimal trash, and pick up other people’s trash when we can. I want to cherish the glorifying moments of seeing blue whales, killer whales, and coral
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