My Autobiography Of Education : My Literacy Of Music

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I have been working on both of my literacies for most of my life, but I only knew of one. When I was about three years old, a lady named Miss Donna started coming to my house once a week and sat at the kitchen table with me playing games. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was a representative of the local Head Start school for pre-kindergarten children. I couldn’t start there until I was four, so she came to my house and taught me things. This was the very beginning of my literacy of education.
My other literacy just isn’t that easy; it is music. Everyone listens to music literally from the day they are born. It is in elevators, commercials, our cars, and even our public bathrooms. I have no idea at what age I began to love music so much, but one of my first memories of trying to create it came in the fifth grade. I was sitting in my bedroom with my dad’s laptop and headphones. I was listening to Aerosmith’s “Dream On” on a loop on YouTube. I was trying to memorize the lyrics and hit that god forsaken screaming note at the very end. Just when I thought I had the song mastered, I look up and my parents and little sister are peeking around the corner giggling like school girls at my blood curling attempt to emulate the great Steven Tyler.
Our literacies have to start somewhere, and for the most part, with someone. Never would I have imagined at the moment when I seen my family laughing hysterically at my true attempt of singing, that I would one day be standing in front
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