My Autobiography Of Myself As A Writer

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My Autobiography of Myself as A Writer
Coming back to school after a ten-year break was the best choice I made. When I started this English 102 class with Dr. Brockman, I didn’t feel that I was a great writer. I knew I had so much to stay; the struggle was putting in on paper. I knew that regardless of how hard this class was for me, I was going to see it through.
I produced 3 major papers to this class. My First paper was on Advertising titled Off with Her Head; My second paper was written on Panopticism titled Heaven or Hell? My third paper was a research paper of my choice; I chose to write on Educational Success for Hispanic Students. After my first paper was submitted on to blackboard on Advertising, I felt good about my writing.
After evaluating my writing in my portfolio, I had to answer these questions: If I had more time to change my writing what would I change? What was my favorite piece of writing? and What was my least favorite piece of writing? If I had more time to change my writing, I would definitely ask for help understanding the assignment. I would change my research paper topic. My favorite piece of writing was Heaven or Hell? I enjoyed this piece of writing; I had a good understanding of Panopticism by Michael Foucault. I was able to relate it back to my life. With a clear understanding, I was able to show my understating in my writing. My least favorite piece of writing was the research paper. Although, I was very interested in the topic the…

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