My Autobiography To Play The # 6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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My Autobiography It was a very chilly and rainy Saturday morning when I had awoken from a deep, dark sleep. When I woke up, there was automatic electricity pumping through my veins. A steady drumroll was playing in my head and I knew that today was the day. It was the day for the #12 Clemson Tigers to play the #6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. It was the College GameDay feature game of the week, and my dad I were going. He had told me that he had gotten tickets, and that we could go to the big game. It was a very rainy day, during the hurricane that we got here down South a few months ago. We met up with my uncle in Greenville and we went down to Clemson with him, and a few of his friends. The drive down there was very wet and rainy but we managed to reach Clemson in plenty of time to get ready for the big…show more content…
Deshaun Watson to Jordan Leggett for 6 and the Tigers strike first to take the lead. Then, after a 3 and out by the Clemson defense, BOOM! Deshaun Watson to Artavis Scott for 6! Clemson was now up 14-0 at this point, in the second quarter. Notre Dame was able to get a field goal right before the half to make the score, 14-3 Clemson at halftime. The rain was coming down at a steady pace while Notre Dame’s heart was slowly being ripped apart. Then all of a sudden, BANG! Deshaun Watson totes the rock for another Clemson touchdown! This made it 21-3 Clemson in the third quarter, and the game seemingly seemed over. But wait…… the Fighting Irish came back with a vengeance. Notre Dame slowly but surely clawed back in the game and at the blink of an eye, the game came down to a 2-point conversion. It was 24-22 Clemson and overtime was decided between 2 and a half yards. The Irish ran a QB draw with Kizer and BOOM! He was stonewalled by Ben Boulware and the rest of the Clemson defense! Clemson would hang on and defeat the Irish, 24-22, in thrilling fashion! All hail the Clemson Tigers! BYOG! ALL
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