My Awesome Story

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"Check...mate" a grin loosed from the young boy’s face as he dramatically moved his queen into position, completing his well-planned chess game. He sat back smiling and stroking his chin. He chuckled. "A little conceited are we?" cracked a young brunette sitting in the seat in front of him, as she cleared the board. “Issachar!” She gasped, “Today is the first day of the festival of Gifts, I almost forgot! We’ll be late!” With that they both scurried off to their rooms and began getting dressed. Issachar grabbed a large piece of clothe that was once white, but from wear was now a dull greyish tone, and began wrapping around himself In an attempt to cut the frigid cold outside. But the robe was in tatters. He looked down at his shredded sleeve, and under it, at the bright pink scar that was just beginning to heal, and smiled as he remembered the day that he killed the Frost troll that scarred him not long ago. He was out checking his small game traps, traversing the Frigid Keldrid planes during a snow flurry, he had checked all but one of the traps and so far had nothing to show for a long day’s work. As he trudged along in the thick snow, he spotted his net all bundled up to the tree he mounted it to. As he slowly moved closer he noticed that the net began to sway. As he drew nearer ne realized it was a ram! The boy readied his spear to put the animal to rest when he heard a sound that froze him solid. The one sound you never want to hear while on the
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