My Awkward Week On Google Glass

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Brandon Remedios Professor Dr. Brock ENGL102-92546 Critical Reasoning March 11, 2017 Google Glass Evaluation Essay “My awkward Week in Google Glass” by Hayley T¬sukayama is an evaluation on the product of Google Glass. This report basically goes through her experience wearing Google Glass. She describes through her writing how she felt during this period of time. She was a part of a beta or demo program for Google Glass so Google can receive her feedback on the product and also to receive feedback for improvements. Throughout the writing she speaks about how us readers can receive a behind the scenes look at what it is like to walk in society and experience the product of Google Glass. It made us feel as if we were a part of the…show more content…
Most expectations would be somewhat glamorous due to the fact that there was so much rave about a product such as Google Glass where technology is now jam-packed into something as simple as glasses. It seems to close the gap that was missing for most people, some may say even fulfill the need of consumers, of wanting a device that consumers could constantly plugged into technology. This leads to the next point where Tsukayama goes on to state, “I shouldn 't feel this way. I like new technology -- I 've been a tech reporter at The Washington Post for more than three years. And I admire the vision of technology that Google promises Glass can offer: a device that lets you keep track of e-mails, texts and other messages in a seamless way -- all through a screen that 's perched just over your right eye.” (Tsukayama 1) This statement ties into the previous commentary which was someone like a technology reporter would be so dissatisfied with a product like this that it is surprising. It was definitely a shock to find out that someone such as the author found this product so distasteful. However, this goes into the next topic which relates to the standard of accepted criteria. As a statement of standard this report was very clear on the outcome of the experience of walking life with Google Glass and as for accepted criteria, there is many examples on which this judgment is based. For example, “What I wasn 't

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