My Baby Born At Home

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Have you ever considered having Your baby born at home? The first time I heard about mothers giving birth at home was in the Netherlands in 2004. At that time almost all mothers gave birth at home, except when there was a highrisk pregnancy or some other kind of complication like high blood pressure. My first thought was “Wow, giving birth at home, that must be messy?” The moms were laughing when they heard my thoughts, and explained me all about how moms deliver at home. I talked to many mothers who all gave birth at home. I visited midwives and even took care through a midwifery’s practice, who had their own office with ultrasound included. I found to that there are even men who are midwives. Sure enough after lots of education and…show more content…
As a woman I feel I have accomplished something great, satisfying to the deepest corners of my being, praising God, that I was able to do it. I am so thankful also to all the mothers, who encouraged me to give birth at home. From beginning to end this birth was 8 hours long. Did I feel safe? Yes! I felt far more safe at home than in the hospital. I was in my own home. All fear was gone. Just as mammals, when they give birth, turn and find a save place, so did I- my Home! HOW SAFE IS IT? As You give birth at home or consider to give birth at home, learn about this, that homebirth midwives carry many of the same items found in a birth center. Those include hand-held-doppler and state-of-the-art machines for continuous monitoring of the baby’s heart rate, if necessary. Midwives also bring suctioning equipment and an oxygen tank to every birth, in the rare event they are needed. Anti-hemorrhagic medications (mostly very effective herbs) will be on hand to prevent postpartum hemorrhaging, as will suturing equipment in case you tear. And if something should go wrong, the midwife will arrange and discuss with you the transport to the hospital and still stays with you there, then in the function of a doula. Of the three groups
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