My Baby - Original Writing

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I continued to watch my mama as her face began to turn crimson and her eyes grew imbued with moisture, and I knew right away that something had happened to my step daddy. I mean, who else could it have been she was talking about? My mama, then said, “Okay… Okay… Okay… We’ll be right there,” as she delicately touched her fingertips to the microphone of the phone before saying, “Thank you,” to the person on the other end and hanging up. Anxiously I asked her, “What is it… What’s going on?” feeling my voice to begin to tremble while my stomach started to turn. “Did something happen to Step Daddy Cade?” My mama looked at me, clearly upset and ready to burst as she said, “There’s been an accident. Your step daddy’s been hurt.…show more content…
He then added that the way the truck looked to him my Step Daddy Cade was lucky to still be alive. To me the truck looked like it was absolutely totaled. It was even still steaming in the front where the rain splashed down on the still warm engine block which was now exposed to the elements because the hood had peeled away as the front-end crumpled in on itself. My mama didn 't even let the officer finish what he was saying about the accident before she started frantically asking him where he was, “He” of coursing being my Step Daddy Cade. The officer then pointed to one of the two ambulances that were already on scene. I watched my mama quickly run over to the back of the one he’d pointed to, and I followed her in pursuit. She then opened the ambulance’s back doors without even knocking and inside was two men who just stared back at us with surprised looks on their faces while my step daddy lay unconscious on a gurney between them. My mama cried out, “Cade!” in a hysterical sob-filled voice when she saw him and the men then quickly ushered her inside the cab. As my mama climbed in, I remained just outside the doors of the bus standing in the rain because there really wasn 't enough room left inside for me also to climb on board, and I didn’t want to be in the paramedics’ way. As I stood in the drizzle, I looked over my step daddy as he laid helplessly all cut up and covered with blood.

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