My Background On Information Technology

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Nihar Shah CST-208w 02/21/2016 My Networking Background My name is Nihar Shah. I am taking CST 208- Introduction to networking in this semester. I am going to write about my networking background in this paper. I am going to provide some information newly learned. Firstly, I would talk about what is a network. In information technology, a network is the interconnection of a set of devices capable of communication. In this definition, a device can be a host such as a large computer, desktop, laptop, workstation, cellular phone, or security system. A device in this definition can also be a connecting device such as a router, which connects the network to other networks, a switch, which connects devices together, a modem, which changes the form of data, and so on. Secondly, I would like to talk about some topologies like the bus, star, token ring, and mesh topologies. Thirdly, I would talk about hubs, switches, routers, and modems. About the topologies, I would talk about the star topology works each device has a dedicated point to point link only to a central controller, usually called a hub. The devices are not directly linked to one another. The controller acts as an exchange. If one device wants to send data to another, it sends the data to the controller, which then relays the data to the other connected device. A star topology is less expensive than a mesh topology. A token ring topology, each device has a dedicated point to point connection with only the two device
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