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Her. My best friend, my un-biological sister, the calmness of my drama. She has many titles to her name, well from me at least. But unfortunately bad friend is one of them. It all started last year. Our first year in a new school. Our first year in middle school. I can just remember about how we were wishing things wouldn’t change. But they did.

This past year my very best friend has treated me like dirt. I was not the wind beneath her wings, but the dirt beneath her feet. She has treated me like a no one. She has pointed out my flaws, order me around like a slave, embarrassed me to a point of no return. Yes my parents know about it, and even some friends too but they do not confront her because they are waiting on someone, waiting on
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I’m always wishing and hoping for it to come true, us going back to the way we were. But it hasn’t come true, and it won’t. I keep telling myself it’s just a phase and she’ll pass over it soon. But I’m only kidding myself. . I always thought when I was littler, that we would be best friends forever. That she would be my maid of honor and I would be hers. That when we get older our children would be the best of friends, like us, and they would be happy which would make us happy. But every time I get on my cell phone and have the same repeated one minute conversation I’m thinking that is less likely to be true

I told her best friends forever and I meant it. Now I’m thinking that I want to rip her to shreds then put her back together again just so she could be the dirt beneath my feet. But I don’t do it because I know I am her better half. But I can not be so sure about her being mine. As I am writing this I am thinking about my other friendships and how those friends are probably my better half but instead of choosing them I’ll always choose her. I guess I’m too wrapped up in thinking about my horrible friendship that I’m not thinking about the way it can be fixed. I want to fix it. I also want to tell her what a horrible friend she has been and how I want nothing else but for us to break apart. But I don’t because I love her.

I tell people that I’ll go up and tell her what she’s been this past year. I want the courage more than anything and I

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