My Bad Habit of Procrastination: An Analysis

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A bad habit would be the best description for my habit of procrastinating. Despite years of notorious procrastination, I still can't seem to break the habit.

Procrastination: My Bad Habit
Procrastinating has tormented me and my work for years, almost as long as I can remember. According to Meek (2007), somewhere between 15-20% of Americans are notorious procrastinators. For me, I know I have been procrastinating on pretty much everything in my adult life. I seem to just not have the motivation or fire to complete something unless I have no other choice but to do it. It is a clear extension of my father's influence. He used to procrastinate on everything. He even developed a saying, which I still live by today: There are three types of people in the world. Ones who get stuff done right away and relax after, ones who procrastinate the whole time and stress out at the last minute, and those who procrastinate but enjoy their procrastination and are prepared for what it to come without hesitation or anxiety. So, in lack of an ability to finish tasks right away, both he and I have chosen the later, and haven't really had an issue without outside of some minor anxiety while working.

Behavioral Personality Theory
This theoretical perspective uses positive and negative reinforcement of behavior as a way to explain behavior construction (Smith 2012). In some way,…
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