My Beautiful Wife And Son, Margaret And James Marino

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To my beautiful wife and son, Margaret and James Marino, This sudden adaptation to the lifestyle in New York City is quite different than our daily life in Chicago, Illinois. I came to New York in search for work, because I was left without a job after the factory had closed down. It’s very unfortunate that the market crashed a few years ago and caused a numerous amount of companies to close down. However, after all these years of waiting and searching for a job at the docks, I have finally found one. I’m now a construction worker on the soon to be Rockefeller Center. I’m able to work up to 60 stories high and get to see a very intriguing overview of the city here in New York. Also, on occasions when there is no smog I’m able to see an…show more content…
We would also be able to feed the ducks and walk along the lake while skipping rocks, or we could even go for a quick swim. Ahhh, just the thought of my family reminds me of how much I miss both of you so, so much. I’m working very hard to come visit you both again, but the pay isn’t very satisfying. I mean 35 cents an hour? Come on! Living expenses here aren’t very ideal. Not to mention, I’m only able to work six hours a day and five days in a week. I’m only able to make about $42 a month and it costs about $15 a month for the apartment rent. The apartment isn’t what you’d expect either. The building is made out of brick and there’s no cooling system! It seems it was made about 10 years ago. I had to spend about $20 just to install this machine called an air conditioner. I don’t know how it operates, but it sure keeps the room fresh! I couldn’t stand the heat and every time I opened up the window a flock of insects would storm towards my lamp. The living conditions were unbearable. On another note, I’m attempting to save a little bit more money by keeping only one set of clothing and cutting down on my water usage. I’d like to buy new clothes, because I have a missing button and dirty overalls, but I feel like the price wouldn’t be reasonable. Unfortunately, it will take a while before I can muster up some money to come visit again; it will happen slowly, but surely. In addition to money problems, I’ve been under constant stress and I’ve been drinking occasionally
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