My Belief Of God Has A Strong

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My belief in God has alway been very strong. This last summer my youth group from church and I went on a service trip to Lexington, South Carolina. Through this experience I firmly believe that my actions and the help of others that I grew in my relationship with God immensely. It not only changed me emotionally, but spiritually as well. I developed more as a person, feeling that I now fit in in the world and in my normal life in Dubuque. From the 4 A.M. wake up to leave, till the 11:45 P.M. arrival time back in Dubuque, the events that happened during the trip would truly show and develop who I am. It was Saturday morning 4 A.M. and my alarm went off. Not one of those old ringing alarm clocks, but one that played music to wake you…show more content…
They were very kind and help us to move our bags inside and show us around. In the church guys slept in one room while girls slept in the other. In the guys room we set up our air mattresses and cots to sleep on. We had enough space in the room that really everyone got their own personal corner and outlet. We socialize with each other until more groups started to arrive then we would go and introduce ourselves and socialize with them as well. There ended up being one group from New Jersey and one from South Carolina. After socializing for about two or three hours, we were called to the social room, which also acted as a dining hall for the week. We ate dinner and then went back to our rooms. We went and got to know eachother better until eight and then we went back to the social room. What I found I was not expecting at all. They had a band and a singer that was singing Christian music. That night they went over expectations and rule that would have to be followed throughout the week. One of the staff members, whose name was Rachel, gave a sermon about a reading for that day. We split into our groups for the next four days to serve the community. In selecting different roles in the group I chose to be the lunch devo guy. My job entailed that I bring the lunch devotional every day. After we were done singing songs and praising God, we went back to our room and got ready for bed. Lights out time was a eleven o’clock sharp. I feel
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