My Beliefs On Teaching And Learning

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My beliefs have influenced my ideologies on teaching and learning positively. I have always been encouraged by my family and community to attend school and do my best to learn new material. Though, I do believe that if I were to encounter someone who believed that teaching and learning were not as important then this would hinder my view on education because I was always taught the opposite.
I believe that a respectable teacher relates to their student and embraces their student’s diverse cultural backgrounds and become culturally responsive. It is important to learn about each student’s culture and how it affects their learning, self-esteem, and perceptions. With this newfound knowledge, you can incorporate it into your teaching to increase the student’s participation and engagement. This will create a better student-teacher relationship when they know you care and are interested in their life.
I personally do not believe we as teachers have the responsibility to change our student’s beliefs, however we have the responsibility of teaching our students about diversity and other cultures. Teachers need to be aware and accepting of other cultures to successfully teach our students from different backgrounds.
I have had both positive and negative experiences during my educational journey. I believe that learning is a huge component to life because we learn new things daily. Learning allows us to grow as a person, develop knowledge and improve yourself. I also believe that
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