My Beloved World, by Sonia Sotomayor

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The American Dream has never been available to minority citizens as easily as it is to American-born citizens. Affirmative action was first implemented around the year 1972, however it was not widely accepted or practiced. During this time society was just getting used to including women in higher education institutions so the concept of including minorities in higher education was almost non-existent. My Beloved World, by Sonia Sotomayor shows the challenges that a first generation, Puerto Rican, lower socioeconomic female had during this time. Through her autobiography she shows the struggles she faced throughout her life, focusing on her application to college, college experience and insight into her cultural background. My Beloved…show more content…
The article put affirmative action students like Sonia down just because she isn’t white. “Disadvantaged students often had no idea that they stood a chance at a place like Princeton” (116). The article is not a thorough examination of reality during this time because it only takes into consideration the factor of race instead of using an intersectional lens of class, race, gender and socioeconomic status. This created self-doubt and discouragement for minorities applying to the Ivy League schools. This illustration of white supremacy proves the undeniable contradiction between equal opportunity for all and the ever so prevalent ideology in US society of this time that minorities were inferior to their Caucasian equivalent. This part of Sonia’s autobiography implies that white people work harder and are more qualified than minorities and that Affirmative Action is allowing the minority students to take the place of the white students. This point was furthermore proved when The Daily Princetonian stated the ideology of the white male being superior and entitled to being accepted to the Ivy League universities before minorities. White supremacy creates an unresolved contradiction and makes it harder to achieve equality for all. Sonia reveals the undeniable presence of White supremacy

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