My Best Birthday

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As I sat there weeping like I had lost my best friend, I looked around and saw all of these weird unfamiliar faces. The screams from the thrill seeking riders didn't make it any easier for me to calm down. I thought going to an amusement park was an great idea, but it didn't seem that way anymore. My Dad made plans for me to celebrate my 10th birthday at Astroworld. Astroworld was a huge theme park that had been very popular at the time. We were all overwhelmed with eagerness, especially because it was such a beautiful day, but the excitement turnt to fear in a matter of moments when I realized that I was lost. “Hey Sr. you and your son look like y'all could pass for twins today,” my dads good friend Gene uttered out as soon as he saw us walking up to the entrance of Astroworld. I could only assume he said that because my dad and I were dressed as alike. My dad had these one of a kind t shirts made with my favorite looney tune character, Taz airbrushed on the shirt. Gene brought his daughter Kayla, that I attended the same school with and his son Chris. He laughed and shook Gene's hand as he said “I got us matching shirts so I won't lose this knucklehead in the park.” I was said knucklehead. I was sure I had memorized all the rules my dad had stressed over 50 times after he let me know that we were going to Astroworld that day. It kept replaying in my head, like a broken record. “Don't leave my side without my permission! Only talk to people who work at Astroworld! And

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