My Best Days Of My Life

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Wednesday, December 16th, or as I like to call it, one of the best days of my life. Is it cliché to call my first concert experience one of the best days of my life? Probably. But it was just such a surreal experience. I went to go see The 1975 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. My best friend knew that I had never been to a concert before, so on my Birthday she gave me tickets to go see The 1975 as a gift. I had been looking forward to the concert for months, and when the day finally came, I felt both nervous and excited to go see one of my favorite bands. The 1975 is an alternative rock/indie rock/pop music band who I had heard of due to another band that decided to cover one of their songs. The first song I heard was called “Medicine.” It was two in the morning and I was driving to Arizona. Such a beautiful song, something about it was almost therapeutic for me. I fell in love with it instantly. After my trip to Arizona, I finally had time to do my research. I listened to The 1975’s entire discography and they immediately became one of my favorite bands. I was glad that The 1975 would be my first concert experience ever. It was a cold Wednesday morning, I woke up at around six and waited for my friends to pick me up so we could go eat breakfast at IHOP before we made our way to Los Angeles. Upon arrival we decided to make a few stops before heading to the venue. We decided to do some shopping at The Grove. Being the huge book nerd that I am, I of course had to

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