My Best Evidence Came From One Case By Heidi Vollstadt Freeman

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Motherhood is known for its high level of responsibility, the changes it makes to a woman’s body, the toll it has on the mother’s sleep schedule, and the formation of a tight bond between mother and child. Due to those reasons and countless others, some professionals in the world of sport question whether or not a woman can find a balance between the demand of being an elite athlete and the fulltime job that comes with being a parent. The research on this topic is somewhat limited, but I am confident that the sources used in this paper are good quality. I have compiled qualitative data from four separate scholarly papers and two news articles. My best evidence came from one case study conducted by Heidi Vollstadt Freeman (2008), which analyzes interviews with eight different mothers during their post-partum return to training for the Olympics. My key findings included a trend of the athletes compartmentalizing/separating their home life from their sport life and the importance of a strong support system. The bottom line is, while struggles were apparent regarding what the demand of training and competing took from home life (lack of time and energy after intense training sessions and financial/organizational travel obstacles), the mothers found that their new family life helped keep them motivated, increased their enjoyment for the sport, eased pressures leading up to competition, and boosted their performance. The sport issue here is that people underestimate a

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