My Best Friend At The Time

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I entered an empty classroom at the beginning of my seventh hour chemistry class to find a plain white binder sitting on the front desk. Given that no one had yet entered the class I knew that it had to belong to the teacher, and at that moment I heard a faint whisper “closer closer” from its direction. So I walk toward it seeing the bland fluorescent light beaming on that binder; as I tower over it I realize the opportunity I was presented with. This binder was the key, my key to and A in that god-awful impossibly difficult chemistry class, however, if I squandered the opportunity I wouldn’t get another chance. Being the logical, well-adjusted teenager I am I grabbed my phone and proceeded to take pictures of every page I could before the teacher returned. As she walked in I sat triumphantly at my desk relieved that finally I would be able to obtain that highly coveted A that was always just a percentage or two out of reach. My best friend at the time, Trevor Franco, was also in the same chemistry class, so i did what any good friend would, and informed him of our newfound fortune. Later, in that class period the teacher dismissed us to work in small groups on a worksheet packet she assigned. It didn’t take long for me to get some ROI from those pictures of the answer keys, however, while I copied answers on to my worksheet some of my peers felt compelled to inform the teacher of my actions during her absence. Evidently a few of the other kids in the class had seen
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