My Best Friend At The Time Worked At Mcdonalds

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I got my first job when I was seventeen years old. Living in a small town, there were only three job options for teenagers. We had a McDonalds, a Waffle House, and an Ingles supermarket. My best friend at the time worked at McDonalds, so my choice was obvious. I thought it was going to be great. I got to work with my friend every day, I got weekends off, and I did not have any bills to pay, so the extra money was a plus. Once I actually started working, my opinion changed very quickly. My friend got scheduled day shifts while I was scheduled to the overnight shifts. Instead of having free weekends, mine were spend caching up on the sleep I missed working every night of the week. It was a wake up call that I was not expecting. I started…show more content…
They could have let me train with another manager, but instead they chose to let me learn on my own. Chick-fil-A was another story. While watching videos, I constantly had someone checking on me to see if I needed anything or had any questions. After I finished watching the videos, I was secretly dreading training on the floor. I had little experience and I did not know what to expect because I was not properly trained at McDonalds. To my surprise, it went very well. The girl who trained me was very helpful. I spent three days working by her side to make sure I had the hang of things before they put me by myself. While training, one of the major points she made was to always say “my pleasure.” I knew Chick-fil-A employees were known for saying it, I just did not understand the importance of it. It seemed silly and unnecessary . Now, three years later, I understand that everything revolves around the customers and customer service. Being trained correctly had a huge impact on my customer service abilities. Truett Cathy once said on an interview “The general public is more important than advertising over the TV or radio… They’re our cheerleaders out there telling people about the great experience they had a Chick-fil-A.”(Cathy, Davis, and Lucas). We say “My pleasure” at Chick-fil-A because it shows the customer that we really care. If a customer says thank you and your response is no problem, the customer is likely to think “why would it be a
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