My Best Friend B. Jr.

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When selecting a family for this project, I looked for a family that had a large complexity in within each generation. I decided to interview my best friend B. Gibson Jr. A little history about Mr. Gibson. Mr. Gibson is a junior to his father. He is 43 years of age. Is in his second marriage for 15 years with to P. S. Gibson. They have 4 children, a set of twin’s boys that are 15 and two girls ages 13 and 12. B. G. Jr., is a retired military veteran of 15 years with a degree in engineering and law. At this time he is employed as a law professor at a college within the state of Georgia. Mr. B. Jr. was married to his first wife at the age of 20 to M. M. and divorced five years later. They have two children from their marriage which are a set of twin’s boys. B. Jr. is the oldest of three siblings. His father is a retired military general / business owner and his mother is a Professor at a private historical black college and a school teacher at a local high school.
When conducting this interview, I questioned Mr. B. Jr. on his knowledge on genograms. He stated that he have not heard of it. I explained that genograms are tools used by families, counselors, therapists, and others to view patterns of behaviors, illness, families’ connection, origins, etc. I elaborated on the fact that genograms are the upgraded form of a family’s tree which is more in-depth of its content.
As we begin to formulate the content of his family’s genogram, I explained to him…

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