My Best Friend

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She was the best friend anyone could have, kind, compassionate you know the type. The ones you think will never leave you no matter what always by your side through thick and thin, the one that feels like they’re your lost sibling.

We were so close for so many years, like sisters. We talked about everything, we shared so much always there for me helping me out the mud if you like, every time I was sad she wouldn’t leave me alone until I told her. We used to go on road trips down south then sleep in her ute at the bottom of a waterfall or by a beach, she showed me how to live. She would bring out the best in me.

It was a warm summer night we were parked up by Lake Taupo. It was horrible, while I was sleeping this guy came out of the forest where we spent laying looking at the stars moments before. He came out sawed off shotgun in hands, took one shot right at her. I bolted upright and dragged her into her ute and drove to the hospital begging her not to die, police on the phone as he was shooting as I drove off.Sitting in the hospital waiting room was the hardest thing ever not being allowed to just go in and sit with her, having to wait for her to stabilize. I finally decided to go get something to eat. I walked past her room as I did I glanced in to check on her. It was the worst thing to see. Heart monitor flatlining, doctors injecting and doing CPR nurses rushing past with carts. It felt like I was frozen, I broke down right there. Tears gushing, begging her not to die.

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