My Best Friend

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Ever since I was a little child, I had found that I matured a little faster than most people I knew. Yet, I still had many things to learn, just like the rest of my peers. Of course, I also had my share of tantrums and tears like most people. There was a point where I had to grow up even more than I had ever done before, and I remember quite vividly that it was during fifth grade. Fifth grade was the year where I had a lot of drama happen, and it was a time where I realized that friends may not always be what you would like them to be, nor will they always stay as the person you had first knew. There was this girl that I met in my class that I had decided to befriend with my best friend. At first, we had fun times together. We did the things that any best friends would do: laugh, play games while hanging out, and talk about random things like unicorns for hours. It was totally drama free, and mostly everything was running smoothly. It was not until my friend, the girl, had started hanging out with this other girl, who, in my opinion, was not the type of girl that had the best personality in the world. She also did not give any good influence whatsoever to my friend. In other words, she was a mean girl who had made my friend start cursing more, as well as getting her to think that it was okay to bully, which had then induced them to think that they were better than most, if not all. My best friend and I had definitely noticed her starting to change, and we were upset by
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