My Best Friend Is Elijah Baker

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Hi, my name Akira Johnson. My best friend is Elijah baker, unfortunately we are going to different middle schools this year. I moved two towns over and today was my first day at a school where I knew no one. It was just me and my mom now; we moved because my parents were getting a divorce. I was disappointed about the move because I never been able to make friends easily. Elijah was my only friend, and we been friends and neighbors since we were five. My nerves are going crazy as I walked in my new school and saw unfamiliar faces everywhere. I walked quietly to my locker trying not be noticed. I was able to make it through the first day with no problems. The week was uneventful and friday came fast. I’m on my way to the back-to-school…show more content…
She asked questions about how’s school going and if I was all right. I kept telling her I’m fine, but the truth is I’m not. I barely eat, I barely sleep. If only I can lose weight, maybe they will leave me alone. If I was skinny, they couldn’t tease me about my weight. I decided to stop eating but my mother wouldn’t always take no for an answer. So I hid plastic bags in my room to empty my stomach after I ate. My first time I started by flexing my stomach muscles and pressed on my stomach. Only a little came so even though I was nervous I put my finger down my throat and more came up. After, I felt weak but strangely enough I felt powerful.

Today I’m really craving chocolate, I stopped at the store on my way home and brought brownies. When I arrived home, I binged on the bag of brownies. After I was done, I went up stairs to purge. Little did I know my mother came home early. She startled me when she rushed into the bathroom. With a concerned look on her face she said “What’s wrong?” “I ate too many brownies, it’s no big deal” I told her. She didn’t push me, I know she suspects nothing. I used to hear her and my aunts talking about how black people don’t have eating disorders and how it 's for white girls.

I haven’t eaten lunch at school in a while because I didn’t want to have to purge at school. Today a teacher and my guidance counselor approached me. They asked me why I wasn’t eating I told them I wasn’t

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