My Best Friend Luke Dunaway

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In the second grade I met my best friend of my entire life. I never thought I would see my friend again after he moved away to Washington, but after three and a half years of not seeing him or talking to him his family moved back to Alabama. My best friend's name is Luke Dunaway and we have been through alot together and I feel like we are just getting because we will both start driving soon. As much as Luke and I have had our fights and days when we do not get along we are still best friends and will always stand up for one another and be there for each other. We have done everything from staying up all night playing video games to riding four-wheelers all day together and have many great memories together, and hope to have many more experiences.…show more content…
Luke likes to stay inside and play videogames while I am more of an outside four-wheeler riding type of person. One day I convinced Luke to ride with me on a four-wheeler. We took a trip to the rock cory at the base of the mountain in Leesburg. After a fun day of riding I decided to try and ride up a really steep hill with Luke on the back of the four-wheeler. Luke weighs a pretty good bit more than me and caused us to flip the four-wheeler over on ourselves as we went up the hill. Luke flew off of the four-wheeler and I hung on, big mistake! The four-wheeler ended up on top of me. When I looked up to check if Luke was ok and he was pulling himself off of the ground holding onto his leg. I quickly assumed he was not that bad hurt and had to scream to him to help me get the four-wheeler off of me. After he helped me get the four-wheeler off of my back we went back to my house. All I heard about for the next week was how dumb I was thinking I could go up that hill with Luke on the…show more content…
Even though Luke is more a homebody and I am more of an outside person we still find fun things to do when we hang out. I have no problem playing video games all day as long as I get to play with Luke. Luke does not like to party or do outside activities like riding four-wheelers or jetskis but he often will take up my offers to join me outside. So it does not matter what kind of person you are, if you have a friend that likes different things they may be able to change you or get you to try new things and it could be for the better sometimes. That is unless you get injured riding a four-wheeler with a crazy
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