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My best friend. My biggest supporter. My brother. For those of us with brothers, we can easily say that they tend to be aggravating at times, but at the same time they can be one of the most positive influences in our lives. This describes my older brother Abraham, or Abe for short. All through my life, having him next to my side has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. From the headaches of school, to the carelessness of child play, to now living in his house; Abraham has helped me become the person that I am today.
Kindergarten was rough; milk, cookies, nap time, coloring books, as well as learning how to count to 100. There was, however, a tricky situation that I could not get past; learning to tie my shoes. For the longest of times I always needed the assistance of an adult. My dad was the adult that I favored. He would always do the slipknot method. I could never comprehend its complexity: intertwine the two strings, make a loop with the right string, then the left string goes around it, and then the part that I never managed to grasp — pull the left string out. This made me so frustrated, I could never figure out how he was able to accomplish it. Eventually there came a day when my dad was not around to help. This meant that I had to find a suitable alternative to my dad I had very limited options, I had to go to my siblings. I was not fond of asking my sisters for anything, because I believed they did not know what they were doing; that left…

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