My Best Friend - Original Writing

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As a child I remembered my dog cookie, living far from any neighbors, cookie was my best friend. On every adventure she was right by my side. A pets love is a special thing to a child, most of my best memories involve her. I still remember picking her out from the pound, the worker referred to her as “the mutt”. To me that said it all, mutt sounded cool and really tough. So of course to really prove how tough she was, she was named after a dessert treat. I can recall all the times we swam in the bayou, snuck out of chores to play, and shared snacks in the yard. I also remember the day that cookie was tired, and hurting and how we had to go say our goodbyes to her so she can feel better. After ten years passed I can still remember almost…show more content…
You can not train a elephant like a dog, they need professional training to perform. Although because of how common animal abuse is, it gives them stricter guidelines and people are aware of the problem. (11 Facts About Animal Cruelty)Yet, some places are not as well publicized, for example Puppy mills. These mills are actually more common than you would think. A puppy mill also called a dog farm, is a crowded living condition for pets based upon reproducing the stock at a rapid rate.(11 Facts About Animal Cruelty) The main problem with these are the conditions the animals are left to live in. Often with these come major sanitary and health issues. The animals will be locked up usually the majority of their life, living in their own filth. (Puppy Mills)Also because of the high number of pets being looked after it common for them to get serious neglect, lack of feeding and care. Commonly the “farmer” or owner of the animals will keep most female off-springs to help reproduce.Usually the females are not given time to recover after giving birth to a litter, and are immediately thrown back into the reproductive cycle. (11 Facts About Animal Cruelty)Because of the conditions the mother is put through and the reckless breeding, most litters are prone to serious health issues and diseases. The young offspring will usually die before making it to home or pet store.(Puppy Mills) The fact that they are
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