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A few years ago when I arrived in the United States, specifically in Arizona I met a group of people who were from Cuba just like me. From that group, I became closer to Eduardo someone who I consider to be one of my best friends. When I met him, he was 20 years of age and from my point of view, his appearance resembled that of a man. One day while we engaged in one of our typical conversations, he began to cry unexpectedly. I was completely shocked and concerned as I was not aware of what was occurring to him. He then started confessing that throughout his life he had been trapped inside the body of a man and that he didn’t feel comfortable with the person he was obligated to represent. I didn’t entirely comprehend what he implied as “being obligated” until the day I met his parents. From that moment on everything began to make sense, Eduardo’s family was what we could classify as “traditional”. Coming from a traditional Latino family, it is important to keep the image of a real man as someone who portrays exaggerating masculine characteristics or in other words, someone who appears and performs like a “macho”. In Eduardo’s case, his community in Cuba didn’t accept his “feminine” behavior because it didn’t satisfy their expectations of what it signified to be a man. Thus, in the eyes of his family, Eduardo was a humiliation and so he was forced to imitate a man. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until he starting living in the United States that he initiated his gender transition

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