My Best Friend

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Once upon a time, there were two best friends named Rachel Brooks and Brianna Sadie. They both lived in Los Angeles and met at school. Since then, they had become best friends. Rachel likes to go outside, draw, and have fun. Brianna likes to sing, dance, and go to parties. They both love to go to the mall, and they both like the color sky blue. The thing they both want the most is a puppy. The situation is that Today is May 6, 2017, and the bell just rang which shows that school is over. “Finally, Science class was so boring today. I’m so glad that’s over”, said Rachel. “I know right, I almost fell asleep”, replied Brianna. “Let’s go to your house to do our homework today”, said Rachel. “Um…. we can’t today”, Brianna replied rapidly. “Why not?”, I curiously asked. “I….uh have a lot of chores to complete”, said Brianna. “So, I could help you with the chores then, we could do our homework”, replied Rachel. “Uhh!! I gotta go but we could maybe meet up later. Bye” said Brianna.
Brianna quickly walks away. “Fine! BYE” Rachel angrily said.
Rachel was now used to doing her homework alone because Brianna was always “busy”.Brianna has started to hang out with Rachel less than normal. She ditches Rachel for homework, or she makes up some sort of excuse to leave when hanging out with Rachel. Rachel starts to notice that they barely talk, and hardly have time to hang out anymore, which is pretty strange, so she decides to speak up…….
The next
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