My Best Friend, Raquel Allem, And I Have Been Best Friends

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My best friend, Raquel Allem, and I have been best friends since we were born! Our families went to the same church growing up. Our families were very similar. We both grew up in ministry. Her dad was the a pastor and my parents were missionaries. We also had a bunch of brothers and sisters. She has eight siblings and I have nine siblings. We grew up doing pretty much everything together. We played house, sang in nursing homes and enjoyed nature together. When I was in third grade her family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through. Through good times and bad times my Raquel and I always need to be working on our communication. As there family moved to Pennsylvania we talked on the phone, wrote each other and sometimes even visited each other. I have learned that we communicate best when we are face to face. We can see each others facial expressions and read each other more accurately. Even if we have not seen each other in a couple of months, we pick up like we saw each other the day before. I believe this because are communication messages are synchronous, which is “communication that takes place in real time” (DeVito 5). Whether we are talking face to face or on the phone, we try give each other backchanneling cues, which are “messages that let the speaker know you are paying attention” (DeVito 84). These are helpful in any situation of communication. We talk about everything together. Whether it is how
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