My Best Love Movie

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Elizabeta Nrecaj
Film: Arranged romance 2007 friendship has no religion

In my opinion being best friends with someone means you can trust, be yourself around, love like a sister and or brother. Watching this movie, it taught me many valuable things such as true friendship. The movie gave me a very happy vibe towards the end. As the main characters Rochel the orthodox Jewish and Nazira the Muslim got to know each other they learned that they have much in common. In the beginning of the film I had a terrible feeling that there was going to be a bad relationship between the two main characters. As the movie continued it made me extremely happy that the two girls became best friends putting all religious saying behind and being able to rely on each other.

Friendship is a beautiful thing, especially when you have someone that’s there for you through tough times. One day one person can be your classmate and next your best friend. Watching this movie made be realize that I shouldn’t talk to more people, classmates because I too can meet someone who can potentially be my best friend and help me through my rough time. Just because everyone thought Muslims and Jewish people don’t get along or dislike each other doesn’t mean it’s true. Rochel and Nazira were once classmates, but didn’t talk till they started working together in the same classroom teaching 4th graders. Once it got to this part of the movie I just had a feeling something was going to happen and once they both stood
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