My Best Person I Be A Doctor

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Life is a series of experiences that let us learn from our mistakes and grow on every occasion. Our actions tend to shape our goals for the future. Our sad and happy feelings always have a lesson to give us either to be applied later on in our stages of life or something to be saved in our memories. Ever since I was a child, I always dreamt of becoming a doctor, any type of a doctor as long as it had something to do with children. Being able to help them and change the world was everything I ever wanted. “Doctors” and everything that related to that word kept my mind focused on everything I had to do to pursue that dream of mine. I pushed myself to be the best and only the best person I can be, I worked hard on my IGCSE (International …show more content…
Everything rested in his hands and his skill. The doctor complexly carried out the surgery and planned every movement. He constantly called for the patient 's pressure from the anesthesiologist. His fluid actions kept the nurses busy. Above all, everything remained undamaged during those eight hours. I was there for only half the time and I felt the tension. What could inspire such dedication? That 's when I decided to become a doctor.

Two days after the operation, I met the doctor and he was all that I imagined: friendly, self-assured and modest. His name was Dr. Charles and he told me that he learned much about me from my teacher. He knew of my aspirations to become a doctor. Dr. Charles encouraged me to pursue medicine if I had the patience, the will, and most of all, the desire. He said to me, "The rewards of being a doctor are more than I could ever imagine." I didn 't know the full extent of what he meant by this until I saw the results of his work, the patient. The little child was healthy again, jumping and flying with happiness while doing things he never imagined he could do again. I want to be the girl who is the patient’s last hope and builds a smile on their face.
Always bearing in mind my goal, I enrolled in many school activities other than my observation that will contribute a bit to the real person I want to become. I was elected to be the Vice President of the Student Government, which was an

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