My Best Professional Experience Since College

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As far as I’m concerned, I have always seen myself as a hardworking person who will constantly try to push the limits of her knowledge. This is the exact reason when reading my resume; you can see that I have had several experiences in many fields. However, one thing is constant and it has proven to be my main quality over the years: my true commitment to the development of the business I am part of. My goal has always been to produce the best possible work to contribute to the growth of the business and I consider that my ability to adapt has always been my competitive advantage when facing so many different environments.
My diverse professional experience since college has included accounts payable accountant, case management, social worker and outreach coordinator. My goals have evolved through experience in those diverse settings, and my goal now is to obtain my MBA specializing in Real Estate from Marylhurst University. I have always read self-help books that stated “ figure out what you like to do and make a career out of it”. Thirteen years ago, armed with this bit of philosophy, I set out to find out what I liked. Before college I, I came to realize that my interest lay in business but mathematics wasn’t my strongest subject. My initial decision to major in psychology was rationalized with the idea that I could use my degree to help people. One of the greatest assets I gained from studying the field of psychology is interpersonal skills.
One of my most important
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