My Best Qualities For Teaching

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What personal qualities do you possess that make you well suited to teaching? One of my best qualities for teaching is my determination and patience. If something does not go to plan, I am disappointed for a moment, but I am quick to come up with a new plan to try. I think this will be especially useful in the classroom, especially since each day might not be a great day. I am confident that I will be able to take on the challenge and work to provide the best instruction possible for my students (even if it means foregoing my original plans!) I also think my patient attitude will be helpful in conjunction with my determination. Frequently changing plans and facing failures can be frustrating, for both the teacher and the students; but with patience and determination I feel that I will be able to take on the challenge. I also have high expectations, not only for my students, but for myself. I am constantly reflecting on how I can make myself a better educator, which I think will be extremely helpful for both me and my students in the long run. In what ways do you feel your experiences, as a student (K-12) will influence your professional practices? I feel that my experiences as a student will be a valuable resource for me as a teacher. I remember what it is like to be overwhelmed with my schoolwork, frustrated when learning new things and scared to fail. I think these memories will help me to be encouraging and supportive of all of my students, and treat them with the
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