My Best Vacation

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“The best vacation ever!” my cousin Vicky screamed from the bed next to me. I was just trying to fall sleep, but she kept talking most of the night with her twin sister Emma. We all have the same age, and this is the first vacation we have without parents, aunts, and uncles around, telling us what to do. We arrived to Los Angeles, California at 11:00 pm, checked into the hotel and tried to rest. The next day we planned to drive around the city and wait for our friend Annette, who was coming from Texas. Annette was around twenty years old, but she had been traveling around the world with her father since she was 13. I admire her, she is funny, has a good temper, and is really knowledgeable about traveling. We are going to fly together to Mexico City first, and from there to Acapulco. We planned to go to “La Quebrada”, it’s a place in Acapulco where people do cliff diving. We had done some research about it. The divers have to climb the cliff and do a freestyle jump into the water. We couldn’t wait to be there, Annette was going to be really happy too, she used to compete in platform diving when she was in high school. The hotel room phone rang pretty early the next day. Our parents checking on us, making sure we were ok. Emma talked to her mother and assured her that everything was ok and that we will be careful driving around. It was funny, I looked at her facial expressions meanwhile she is talking, and Emma rolls the eyes and nods a lot. Emma is the opposite of his sister Vicky. Vicky talks a lot but she’s a scary cat, on the other hand, Emma is quieter but really adventurous. “Liz, my uncle wants you on the phone!” Emma announced. I picked up the phone and got myself ready for the lecture. My father was concerned that we were going alone to Mexico. I promised that we were going to stay in Acapulco a couple of days and go back to California. “Don’t do stupid things” my father continued, “and, take care of each other.” Annette arrived at midday, we were happy to see each other again. We decided to go the movies. We say the premier of “Batman Returns”, the line at the movie theater was extremely long, but we were so excited that the next day we will be flying to Mexico that the
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