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Summary The movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is based on the Portokalos family. The Portokalos family is loud, loving, prideful, and incredibly invasive. The main character, Fortoula Portokalos (also known as Toula,) is a single, 30 year old Greek woman who lives with her parents, and younger brother in a Chicago Greek community. She works as a hostess at her parents family restaurant called Dancing Zorba's. Her appearance is highly symbolic of her current place in life – incredibly dull. However, this preceded the Cinderella-like transformation that came Toula's way. She enrolled in computer classes at the local college, much to her traditional fathers dismay, who believed a Greek woman's sole purposes in life is to “ …show more content…
The rest of the movie is a celebration of the marriage, where Toula marries her “Greek boy”, and has a child. Her parents buy them a house on the day of their wedding, directly beside theirs. Families & Households. In the textbook “Cultural Anthropology” by Barbara Miller, et al., the subject of household headship, domestic life, and kinship is discussed. It is stated that the head of the household is “The primary person, or persons, responsible for supporting the household financially and making major decisions.” (Miller, B.,Van Esterik,P., and Van Esterik, A., 2010, P.219.) This quote links directly to the main characters of the movie, the Portokolas family. In the movie, Gus constantly displays he is the head of the family, whether it be through major decisions needing to be run through him, being financial or domestic, as well as Toula's choice in men. When Toula brings home Ian for the first time, Gus is angered that he was not asked, nor consulted with, for the relationship. According to the textbook, European Colonialism spread the concept, along with laws and rules, that it is the male who takes on the leadership role of the family. With the Portokolas family being Greek, it shows traditional European values within the home (Miller, B.,Van Esterik,P., and Van Esterik, A., 2010, P.219.). It seems rather outdated
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