My Big Fat Greek Wedding Essay

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2.2 My Big Fat Wedding (2002)
This movie tells about a 30-year-old Greek woman who had not married yet fell in love with a Turk man. The Greek woman was Tortula Portokalos and the Turk man was Ian Miller. Tortula’s father, Mr. Portokalos, was ‘very Greek’ who was very assertive in maintaning Greek cultures, one of them was a culture that a Greek has to marry a Greek. That was why Tortula and Ian dated secretly until one day their relationship was known by Tortula’s relative. Their relationship were not approved by his father as Ian was not a Greek. In short, Tortula’s father accept Ian as his daughter’s husband after Ian commited a Greek Orthodox baptism.
Cross cultural understanding in this movie is the different cultures of Greek and Turk. There is also stereotype that is presented in funny way in this movie. It is when Mr.
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We can also take precious lesson related to cross cultural understanding about the effect that it makes from these movies.
Cross cultural understanding which is available in Higher Learning movie are stereotypes, racism, and different attitudes and behaviors. It has bad effect to the characters in this movie, but it gives a higher learning like the movie’s title. Cross cultural understanding which is available in My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie is different cultures. This movie gives a happy ending that shows different cultures can make a better life.
Different cultures may complicate us, but if we take a good way, we can make it beautiful. On the contrary, if we cannot take the positive of the cultural differences, we may become regretful about what will happen next. The unity of diversity is very important. One of the best ways to face a diversity is to learn about it by learning cross cultural understanding as
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