My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Identity can be an issue for many people. Throughout our lives, we try to find out whom we are based on how our family, culture and society think we should be. Some people want to be a different person than what their culture tells them to be. The movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, shows a perfect example of that. Toula, a Greek girl influenced strongly by her family and culture, tries to step out of her family’s comfort zone to date Ian, a non-Greek man. Everybody has to change the way they think about culture and cross-cultural communication. Ian has to accept Toula’s family; Toula has to find her own cultural identity and lifestyle, and her dad has to accept of Ian and his family. One of the things that Toula struggles with in the movie was trying to separate her individualized identity from her familial identity. With her familial identity, according to her culture, women are supposed to be married or they are looked down upon. Her family has to keep telling her that her time is running out and she needs to consider getting married soon. Her and her sisters are supposed to marry from their Greek ethnic background. According to the movie, there are three things that every Greek woman must do in life: “Marry Greek boys, make Greek babies, and feed everyone.” Another thing I noticed is that all of the aspects of Toula's life centers on Greek ethnicity. Whether it’s the food, naming of the children, the family business (a Greek family restaurant and a traveling
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