My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is a charming romantic comedy that explores cultural differences in a combination of adorable romance and cute humor. The story revolves around Toula, a thirty-year-old Greek American single woman, who lives with her family in the suburb of Chicago. Like many obedient Greek daughters, she works in her family’s business, a restaurant called “Dancing Zorba’s.” Toula belongs to a traditional collective upbringing where all good daughters are expected to marry from their ethnic background. However, she struggles with her father’s limited ambitions for her and she longs for something else in life. She enrolls in college and takes computer classes. With the computer diploma under her belt, a rebellious Toula emerges.…show more content…
Similarly, when Toula asks her dad in a powerless language if she can attend college, her father’s statement, “Why are you leaving me?” not only implies his refusal, but also infers that Toula is negligent in her collective duty towards her family. The implying and insinuating tendency of Toula’s family not only causes friction within her family but also creates communication problems with the low context-oriented Miller family. While Ian and his family are the epitome of the individualistic American society, Toula and her family are the stereotypical personification of the collective warm immigrant minority. Ian’s parents outrageously depict the stereotypical notion of the reserved, cold and distant individualistic “WASP” character. The viewer can feel their discomfort at the dinner party when both families are introduced. While the Greek clan is hospitable, loud, warm and affectionate, the Miller family is quiet, reserved and uneasy. The scene where Harriet, Ian’s mother, avoids a hug from Toula’s mother by placing a dessert cake cooked in a Bundt pan between the two of them shades an unquestionable light on the perhaps stereotypical notion that all white people are unaffectionate and overly guarded toward strangers. By putting a physical barrier between her and Maria, Harriet is sending a clear message that her white individual space is precious to her and that she will not succumb to the imposing Greek way of

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