My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
1. The main gender roles that are described include the males job is to being the bread winner, which means he provides the financial support and the females’ job is to stay home to look after the kids and do the house work. The male is the dominant one in a family, if a female is not just married her father is dominant but when she gets married the dominance is transferred to her husband. When the father gives his daughter away at the wedding, which means he’s giving up control and dominance of his daughter to her husband. An example of the husbands having dominance is that the wife has to ask for approval to drink alcohol.

The woman’s role is to dress to impress, for they can’t approach men so they try to
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6. Our social status is determined by wealth, which means it depends on our family’s economic status. Economic status includes upper class, middle class (upper mid and lower mid), lower class and unemployed. Alfie left school and started making his own for he believes “a man has to make his own way in the world.” Seeing his father become so wealthy it encouraged Alfie to want the same. Alfie has hired someone to drive him from door to door to start earning his fortune. Alfie was born into wealth, he grew up in a house that had 23 rooms not including bathrooms. Whereas on the other end of the scale there is George. He lives in a small caravan and grabs every penny he can get. He goes hawking, this means he goes door to door to sell anything but is usually unsuccessful.

This shows that depending on where you grow up And what type of family you’re born into you are either successful or unsuccessful. The wealthier you’re the higher the chance people will buy from you. You’re place in society is already created for you when you’re born.

7. Early friendship helps children learn how to negotiate and relate to others. Peer groups teaches us how to cooperate and socialise according to group norms. Peer groups can easily influence what someone values, knows, wears, eats and learns. Peer groups are important to socialisation for it teaches them what is right, wrong and
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