My Biggest Perspective Change

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Have you ever been caught in a rush hour traffic moving at the speed of light? For a whole one year during my CO-OP I commuted to and fro Toronto on one of the busiest highway of North America and it was no fun. I’ve raced, tailgated, changed lanes without using indicators, ranted and seethed at slow drivers and everything I could to save as little as five minutes to reach my destination. And I considered myself a skillful driver at that time. Not knowing that the opposite might also be true if I look at it from a different perspective. We usually tend to have a one-sided opinion about certain things until we experience the both sides of the story ourselves. This phenomenon of naïve realism was well presented in the class along with different TED Talk videos to support the argument among which the most prominent and thought provoking was the talk on ‘Believing Strange Things’ by Micheal Shermer. Controversial topics have always sparked my interest and regardless of what opinion I have about them, it gets my full attention. Like all the other intriguing videos presented in class, Michael Shermer delivered his fifteen minutes presentation on the human perception of believing in strange things is derived from our sub conscious mind of believing anything which will accepted by the masses. Before coming to his main point, he presents a bad engineering idea such a drug detector, which costs around $900 and only works 50% of the time. For some, it works 100% perfect 50% of the
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