My Biggest Weakness And My Economic Status Transformed Me Into A Better Student, And Help Me Grow Up

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My biggest weakness and my economic status transformed me into a better student, and help me grow up as a person. I moved from a Spanish speaking country, where I did not know English at all, to The United States of America about six years ago. As a newcomer and the first generation of my family in attending to a university, I had to overcome the language barrier, and work while studying in order to help in my household, without let my grades be affected by this. This two barrier teach me time management, responsibility and, most importantly, that everything may be possible with hard work, dedication and determination. I have kept a significant high grade average point (GPA) of 3.81/4.0. I am actively participating in research projects. I am a member of PSI CHI, the International Honor Society in Psychology, and the Association for Psychological Science (APS). I am planning to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Arkansas.
My motivation of further study and research in the field of clinical psychology was developed throughout my undergraduate study. In my Community Mental Health class, I learned about the need of bilingual mental health workers who work with underservice communities such as the Hispanic community. The class Psychology of Learning exposed me for the first time to the behaviorist approach, which ideas captured me. Behaviorists wanted to transform psychology into a hard science by only studying the behaviors, which can be quantified. It…
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