My Biography Essay

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I started my journey of life in the early 90’s and ever since I have been up against barriers and met many different types of characters. All with their personal gain is put first without a thought for others. Anyways let’s start from the beginning, I started my educational career in 1997 at welbourne primary school/ boy was it fun it had everything a kid could ever imagine, a massive sand box, shiny new tricycles, super fast scooters and loads and loads of coloured paint. It was unbelievable we were given milk and cookies and we got to sing as well as the fundamental steps of life, the alphabet and numbers. I have always been fond of those years and the joy it brought, but the person I will always remember Ms Kerion, she was the…show more content…
Wow now this stage of my life which made me who I am today, it had the most life changing experiences up to this date, secondary school. My very first secondary school was Salisbury, it was said that it was one of the worst performing schools in the country and also one of the worst behaved. I did not know this and didn’t believe it because I and most of my friends had achieved very good grades in our SATS. I had achieved level five in English, five in science and four in mathematics. Anyways when I first started the school was the chitter chatter of other pupils and the smell of school dinners was as always putrid. The grease they used to fry made the air slimy and un- breathable. When I entered the massive gates the immense building towered over me. I felt tiny in comparison just like my confidence at the time, I was terrified. My year had started a day earlier than the rest of the school so that we could get to know each other better. I had already made some new friends but I had also made enemies. Me and my new friends played some football together and it was awesome they were unstoppable (I was unstoppable as well) and right there I knew I made friends for life One of my best friends was a boy called Hanad he was a tall and muscular, he had fair skin like caramel but was as tough as a nut. Hanad was the coolest boy I had ever met, he was the best in our whole year at most
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