My Birth Mother In The Life Of My Life

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I was born on September 7, 2002 at Licking Memorial Hospital. My measurements were seven pounds, fourteen ounces. So all I know is that my birth mom didn’t have enough money to take care of me at the time. That’s when my grandparents came into the picture. My grandparents took care of me from the time I was 2 weeks old to now. I didn’t mention that my dad was seventeen years old when I was born and he wasn’t married to my birth mom. But soon I think when my dad was 18 he got married to my step mom and more thing started to change. When I was two years old my step mom got pregnant with my brother Brian. I really wasn’t the baby anymore but I didn’t realize it at the time. Anyway life went on and then when I was four years old she got pregnant with my second little brother Brayden. Another two years went by and I became a big sister again. She was pregnant with my third little brother Briley. We were all two years apart. In probably about 2007 I started preschool flying colors. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Diana. I had a lot of fun in preschool because I had made a lot of new friends and was actually kinda happy to be in school. I think it was a speech teacher or a guidance teacher that I went to in preschool but I know that everyday or every other day I went to a special classroom with maybe about two to three other kids and I kinda made a special bond with those kids but I don’t remember them much. When I started kindergarten, I was at Madison Elementary which is where the
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