My Birthday Day

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It was the day after my birthday. My grandma had brought me and some friends down to visit her and my grandpa. The day after we got there my grandma wanted to take us to a skatepark in columbia but we had a slight problem. We didn’t know how to get there so we had to wait a couple of days. So that day instead of going to columbia we just went to a skatepark in jefferson city. It was fun but i really wish we could’ve went to the skatepark in columbia. So the next day me,lukas,and thomas, two of my best friends, went to a little camping spot that i know up on a cliff side. Up at the spot we sat and chilled while listening to music and making a campfire while we took turns going and getting sticks and brush to keep are fire going. Then it started getting to be noon so we went back to the house for a little bit and had lunch and watched tv and played xbox for a little bit. The next day my grandma woke us up early let us get ready and then took us to mcdonalds to get some breakfast. I was so happy when she told us that she found out how to get there. So once we had all got done eating breakfast we began to get moving. We were still on our way there but we were close i could feel it. As we drove by on a street we seen the parking lot entrance but we didn’t know how to get to the entrance from the road we were on. So we drove around for a minute and then we found the entrance. So we got all our stuff ready and there was people there so we knew we were about to have fun. We were
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