My Birthday Party - Original Writing

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' I can 't bare to tell them the truth, it 's, it 's uh, too, scarring. I fucking killed my own best friend, at her own birthday party too. ' That horrid memory has been eating me alive since I was three, 'Yeah when you killed her. '
"Jake! Get up!"
"Okay! I 'm coming!" Since "that" day, I 've made a new best friend, Rylie, who lives here in Sydney, Australia. We 're the same in a lot of ways, same taste in music, we 're both socially awkward at times, and we can make each other laugh hysterically. So we 're perfect to be best friends.
"Jake, hurry up!"
"Okay!" 'Wait, what day is it? Oh shit it 's my birthday... How could I forget my own birthday? ' I run downstairs still in my pyjamas, I don 't care though. 'Mmm bacon. ' "
Where 's the bacon?" I yell.
"Over here on the pan."
"Yup, Jake 's feelings towards bacon haven 't changed."
"No duh, you dummy." 'Well I can 't tell them now. ' I sigh softly.
"What 's up Bug?"
"Hmm? Oh, nothing." The rest of my birthday was like it normally ever was, I get presents, have dinner, eat cake, go back up to my room. But this time Luke followed me to my room.
"Sky what 's wrong?"
"Uh, I don 't want to talk about it."
"Because you 'll call me a psycho, and leave me."
"No I won 't."
"Yes you will."
"No, Jake I won 't."
"Okay, but don 't freak out then."
"I killed my best friend."
"What? Rylie? Why?"
"No, not Rylie."
"Who then?"
"Her best friend when he was three."
"How did you…
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