My Bloody Life: The Making of the Latin King, by Reymundo Sanchez

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Family Based Issues Family is one of those words that have a significant meaning to various individuals. Family may be viewed one way to an individual and another way to someone else. Family consists of those who have played a particular role in one’s life, whether it is positive or negative. In this paper, I will assess Reymundo’s family both nuclear and extended and speak of how his family has become significant in his life and how they have played a role in his decisions. I will also speak of my personal reactions to the story as well as address ways that as a social worker I could work to impact the gang problems in Orlando. Reymundo was born in Puerto Rico in 1963 in the back of a 1957 Chevy. His mother was married at age sixteen…show more content…
Then there is Morena who is a Latin Queen that became a sister figure to Reymundo and helped him until her death. Morena was the first person that taught Reymundo about the Latin Kings and the history behind it. Due to the relationship that they had, Reymundo sought out revenge for Morena after her death. China, who is also part of the Latin Queens, built strong bonds with Reymundo. Both Reymundo and China shared their deepest secrets and common interests. Reymundo and China were both abused and raped as children and allowed it to affect them. China was another girlfriend that Reymundo had but she was seen as different. China was respected due to their similar interests. King Loco who is the leader of the Latin Kings saw Reymundo as one that should be respected. He invited Reymundo into various gang meetings and gave him responsibilities. Loca also played a role in Reymundo’s life. Loca was a Latin Queen that had two boys that looked up to Reymundo. As Loca and Reymundo’s relationship progressed, they began dating even though there was a major age gap. In Reymundo’s family, there are two familial based issues related to the family’s functioning as a system. The first issue is family abuse and neglect. Reymundo was abused and neglected by his nuclear family continuously and regularly. This led Reymundo to be co-dependent and to act out in his environment. The second issue is the role of Reymundo’s mother. Reymundo’s mother showed a lack of parenting

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