My Bma Research Paper

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My body mass index is 24.8.My BMI falls to its normal weight range from 18.5-24.9. Since I was a kid I’m always skinny even I eat a lot. I was active and into sports, involved in a lot of school activities during my middle school. When I started my high school year I started gaining a little weight but less active in sports. I never had a problem of my weight until I started my college years. I got married on the age of 22 and had a baby age 23. During the pregnancy I gained a lot of weight and not realizing I’m gaining twice my original weight. After giving birth I slowly losing my weight dramatically. Ever since, my journey of losing weight is difficult. Until now I haven’t reached my goal to lose at least five pounds.
I don’t have regular exercise routine but, I once a week a join a Sumba class and spin class. Sometimes, I’m doing cardio riding the treadmill for 30 minutes and lifting some weights with my husband he work in the gym so teach me what kind of weights
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I spend my afternoon after work jogging with my dog for 30 minutes, and bike ride with my daughter for 20 minutes around the block every day. Total of 280 minutes a week, compare to the minimum goal of 150 minutes a week. In regards of muscle –strengthening activities I lift weights once or twice a week with my husband in the gym doing few biceps and triceps curl.
My estimated DRI for a day is 2093 kcal. Day one I only consume 1922 kcal, 171 kcal lower than my daily DRI. For day two I consume 1760kcal, 333 kcal lower than my daily DRI. For day three I consume only 1421 kcal, 673 lower than my daily DRI. I noticed within those days I consume fewer calories on my day three. But still I didn’t exceed my limit to my DRI limit.
My father’s side has a history of type II diabetes. From my grandma to my dad and other relatives they all suffer from diabetes. My dad past away from kidney failure one of complication of diabetes. That’s why I’m careful of what I eat and
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